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  Rang Pravesh Certificate  

LTRDance is one of the few Classical Dance Institutions which offers Certification in Kathak Dance in the US. The repertoire involves several years of Dance material as well as theory based musical knowledge in classical Indian music. Recipients of an LTRDance Visharad Certificate are able to present a solo performance on a full range of advanced Kathak dances, including Tarana, Ghazal, and our favorite, Kathak dance to Music played Live! The Live Music segment, is one of the aspects of Kathak which sets it apart from the other Indian Classical Dance forms. Our performers rehearse with a full range of exceptionally talented musicians, including tabla, sitar, harmoniam artists, and singers!

Students interested in learning more about how to achieve a Visharad performance in Kathak Dance may speak to one of our instructors: Leena and Trisha Chhaganlal. We'd be happy to be a part of your Kathak Journey! 



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