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virtual indian dance classes

  LTR Dance Showcases  

LeenaJi Chhaganlal puts a lot of passion towards the learning experience in her Dance Classes, be it detailed expressions or fast paced footwork and chakars. Every student is pushed to achieve their very best, both in the studio, in the Virtual Classroom, and on stage. 

Kathak, meaning story telling, is by definition an art which is to be performed. Therefore, we encourage all students, family members, and members from the community to come together and be a part of our students' Kathak Journey by attending our Annual Recitals. 

LeenaJi has been teaching and hosting Annual Recitals, in part, since 1995! It's incredible to have a community who supports classical Indian Dance and we're grateful to be able to continue to share the artform.



  March 2023, Orlando Showcase  

Artistic Director: Leena Chhaganlal

2019: Recital & Group Competition

  May 2018, Orlando Recital  

Visiting Guru: Smt. Tirmizi, NY

  May 2017, Orlando Recital  

Visiting Guru: Pt. Satya Narayana Charkha, NY