About Our Dance Company  

LTRDance is an inclusive and thriving learning space sharing many different dance styles for everyone! From Beginners in Bollywood to Advanced levels in Classical Indian Dance, LTRDance uses knowledge combined with up-to-date tools to bring you the best Dance experience! 

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Smt. Leena Kiran Chhaganlal


Leena has an exemplary foundation in Kathak Dance and Performance Art. Her Kathak education was accomplished in Fiji where she was raised. She then started her own dance school in Auckland, New Zealand. The school was a center for culture and art for the community, with an emphasis on Kathak, Garba, Bollywood & Fusion Dance styles. Leena choreographed & produced the highly praised show performed by her dance school with the dance ballet of Prahalad in Auckland, New Zealand.

In Florida, Leena has choreographed, performed, and judged for many prestigious dance shows & competitions. She continues to inspire and educate with her devotion to the art of Dance, costume design, and professional stage performance instruction. LTR Indian Dance Company proudly honors Leena's Dance Classes in Orlando, FL.

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virtual indian dance classes

Mrs. Trisha Chhaganlal Kapadia


Trisha has over 20 years of Kathak Dance and Performance experience in 3 countries: Fiji, New Zealand, and U.S. Her Classical Dance Education is by her mother & Guru, Smt. Leena Chhaganlal, and Smt. Saveeta Sharma, Canada.

Trisha founded Ameya Dance School in 2008, in Orlando Florida. She then founded the Online Kathak Class system in 2014. The dance school now offers a Professional Kathak Syllabus education to students in Orlando, Tampa, and Bay Area, CA. Students are eligible for graduation at the end of thier respective Kathak Dance educations.

With a background in Event Planning, Trisha manages performances for corporate events with Bollywood Dance Teams.

virtual indian dance classes

Mrs. Ritisha Chhaganlal Khatri


Ritisha has extensive experience in competitive Dance and Performance. Her 

Classical Dance Education is by her mother & Guru, Smt. Leena Chhaganlal. 

Ritisha co-founded UCF Garba Knights in in 2009, in Orlando Florida and choreographed and competed with the team throughout Florida.

Ritisha had achieved her J.D. from Florida State University, and admitted to practice law in the state of Florida in 2014. She worked in Orlando while continuing to pursue her passion for Dance in Orlando, FL. She now resides in Gainesville, FL with her husband and baby girl, Vidya. 


LTRDance is looking for an Assistant Marketing Director to assist with managing Student Registrations, Recruitment Emails, and some Social Media management. If interested, please email your resume and relevant experience to Info@LTRDance.com


Maha Sami has been an avid dance enthusiast for several years. She has supported and participated in many dance performances since her childhood. After relocating to the Bay Area from Canada, she joined a number of Dance Classes and Events with @LTRDance before formally participating as Videographer, Videoshoot Assistant, Editor, and an all over Positive Force in every interaction! Maha is a proud special needs parent and a continues her passion for capturing positive moments on her Instagram @MahiDaily