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Schedule a Private or Group Virtual Class Today!
Beginners Welcome
Payments accepted on PayPal or Venmo @LTRDance

virtual indian dance classes
Private Kathak Classes
  • Schedule 4 classes at a time
  • 45 minute classes
  • Timings available on Weekends
  • 1 - 3 students per session
virtual indian dance classes
1 Private Class
  • One-on-one class with instructor
  • Style: Any including Kathak, 
  • Bollywood and Wedding Choreography
virtual indian dance classes
Membership for Dance Tutorials
  • Become a Member to gain access to over 50 Dance Classes
  • All classes are pre-recorded
  • Kathak Tutorials and Bollywood Fusion songs included

    Virtual Students Feature Video!    



"As a pediatrician, I've been interested in connecting with my passion for dance outside of work. By working with Trisha, I've had that chance. Trisha brings such joy and enthusiasm to dance and teaching! I always leave my classes with a smile on my face. Dance has become an integral part of my day to day life. Trisha is one of the best dance instructors I have ever had and she has also become a cherished friend after many years of learning from her!."

- Priya

Blue Washed Wall

"I want to thank Trisha for her wonderful Virtual, private Kathak classes. Although I've been dancing most of my life and studied Bharat Natyam for ten years, I've always been very intimidated by private classes.  My classes with Trisha are informative, enjoyable and not intimidating at all. I'm really excited about my progress! Thanks,Trisha, for allowing a non Indian Auntie, to continue learning the beauty of Indian classical dance."


All Virtual Classes

    Full Class Catalogue Below!   

Watch a Complimentary Kathak Tutorial below

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