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  Media & Collaborations  

See some of our favorite collaborations and events below!

virtual indian dance classes
virtual indian dance classes

Birju Maharaj & Saswati Sen

Leena Ji has worked with Smt. Saswati Sen many times throughout her Kathak career, learning new material and sharing Kathak pieces with her students. Smt. Birju Maharaj also remains a beloved Guru to many and has also shared much wisdom and knowledge. 

Manpreet Toor

With several video collaborations such as LaareYaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi, as well as performances, Trisha and Manpreet have shared many dances! They have also worked together on Bay Area and Virtual Dance Workshops. 

virtual indian dance classes

Hema Malini

Hema Malini, a highly acclaimed Bollywood Superstar visited LeenaJi's Kathak school when it was established in Auckland, New Zealand. The actress, Hema Malini, who has a background in classical Indian Dance, visited Leena's school and spoke with the students. Leena School of Indian Dance was also part of the welcoming dance performers for the actresses' arrival celebrations. 

Svetlana Tulasi

Trisha worked together with Svetlana Tulasi in Bay Area, CA. They choreographed and created a dance video collaboration as well as co-hosted a Virtual Kathak Class in 2018. Virtual Kathak classes later became a popular means of sharing the art form. 



Trisha Judging at

Bollywood Berkeley, CA

2018 & 2019

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